Jackson loves his toy piano. He plays with it every single day. He has experienced some delays with starting to crawl and walk but is now walking independently. Jackson used to soorh himself with rocking behaviour but this has gotten a bit better in time.

Jackson was born with a form of cataract in both eyes and a little hole in his heart. This closed on it’s own.

His eye surgery in 2017 was such a good thing to happen in 2017. He can finally see more of the world around him! He is very perceptive to sounds; loves listening to people talking en musical instuments. He also enjoys humming along with songs they nannies sing him. Now that his eye sight is better his insecurities about exploring the world are gone. He will still need glasses in the future though.

By sponsoring Jackson you are contributing to him growing up in a loving environment where he will get stimulation to develop his abilities.